Class Rings

How fast your child has grown up! Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten and today is the last day of high school. It is so true when people say that children grow up and are gone before we know it. One day they need their first pair of shoes and the next they are Class Ringsasking you for their class ring.

Larry can't help you with the shoes, but he can make sure you know about all the options available when ordering a class ring. You don't need to be rushed into ordering through a catalog from the school. Stop in at Hilvers and take your time viewing the class ring samples. Enjoy the time with your son or daughter as you discuss the options that are available for their ring. This time will make the ring even Class ringmore special!

This is wonderful time in a teenager's life. We want to help them choose a ring they love. We work closely with Artcarved and Goldlance to make choosing a class ring an enjoyable experience. Come in today and experience buying your class ring at Hilvers.