Colored Gems

What do you think of when you think of colored gems?  If you are like most people,you think of the necklace with your birthstone in it that someone gave you when you were Earringsyoung.  Each month does have its own colored gem which is known as the birthstone.  Here's a little quiz.  How many of these birthstones do you know?  The answers  and their colors are at the bottom of the page.

Garnet  Amethyst  Aquamarine  Diamond

Emerald  Pearl  Ruby  Peridot

Sapphire  Opal  Citrine  Blue Topaz


There is a lot more to colored gems than a birthstone necklace!  Did you know there are many different colored stones, including birthstones, semi-precious stones, and even precious gems of great value?  We are proud to offer, in stock, a wide variety of rings, pendants, and earrings, all adorned with beautiful, sparkling colored gems.  You will love our selections from Berco Jewelry Company and Val Castings, Inc.

Stop in today and allow us to help you pick out that special colored gemstone.  Just as you remember that necklace you received, so will your family member or friend remember the colored gemstone you gave to them on a special occasion.  Or maybe you should treat yourself?  It's up to you.  Please stop by.

Garnet: January   Color: deep red

  Amethyst: February    Color: purple

  Aquamarine: March    Color: pale blue

  Diamond: April   Color: Clear

Emerald: May    Color: green

  Pearl: June    Color: white

  Ruby: July   Color: red

Peridot: August   Color: pale green

Sapphire: September   Color: deep blue

  Opal: October   Color: multi-color pink

  Citrine: November    Color: yellow

  Blue Topaz: December   Color: blue