Loose Diamonds

Just what is a loose diamond? It is simply a diamond that is not mounted into a piece of jewelry. Seeing a diamond loose allows you to see the true quality of the diamond. Any flaw that might be hidden by a mounting is visible for inspection. The experts at Hilvers Loose Diamonds PictureJewelers do not want you to second guess your diamond-buying decision. We want to give you all of the information to need so you know you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

Hilvers has a wide variety of loose diamonds from which to choose. Whether you are searching for a round, princess, oval, emerald, marquise, or pear-shape diamond, we will find that perfect stone for you.

To make a knowledgeable diamond purchase, you need to Loose diamondsunderstand the 4 C's of diamonds: color, cut, carat, and clarity. Each of these factors in to your decision when choosing your perfect diamond. That is why we happily take the time to give you the knowledge to help you in your decision.

Selecting your diamond from loose stones assures you that you are buying and getting exactly what you want. Please allow Larry and his staff help you with the ins and outs of your diamond purchases.


RDI Diamonds has a wide selection of loose diamonds in all sizes as well as color,
clarity and cuts.  Click to search their inventory.